With regard to “Peace in the Water” ( http://www.peaceinthewater.com/ ) or any other positive focus of our individual/collective attention, it occurs to me for the millionth time 🙂 that all that is ever really required for the continued/ultimate victory of the (I’ll use a phrase I heard recently that seems accurate but without the fear/negativity charge) ‘service to self’ forces is the ongoing fragmentation of our individual/collective attention and the continued amnesia as to how important and powerful our attention really is. The overwhelming majority of people don’t focus on any one thing long enough to make any significant difference anyway, which is why all attempts at change through positive thinking seem at best ineffectual, at worst deluded and even irresponsible.

Everything in this reality is primarily about splitting our attention into a gazillion little pieces, thereby rendering it essentially powerless in effecting change, regardless of our good intentions. Divide and conquer indeed!!!!

This is, I believe, the great hope presented by Dreamspell/Natural Time ~ if enough of us would focus on this one constructive framework as a unifying/correcting element, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME not giving our attention to ANYTHING other than our highest vision for our own lives and in fact all of life ~ without any arguing about what that looks like for each of us, so long as it is ‘constructive’ ~ we would be not only an effective, but an unstoppable force for the healing and restoration of this planet and all life upon it.

The mechanism is there, the mechanism is already in place ~ the mechanism is our POWER and FOCUS of ATTENTION. It functions and has always functioned, perfectly, irrespective of our knowledge, belief or habitual practice (as does, say, gravity).

This is the thought that occurs to me this morning as an aid to my own focus:

If we woke tomorrow to find that the Earth had somehow thrown off all pollution, that all of Nature was restored to original and perfect balance and harmony, that all people everywhere had regained their eternal youth, beauty and health, had laid down their arms and lost all interest in war and competition and were now only interested in love, art, community, sharing, joy, celebration and peaceful coexistence with all of Life, would you be able to honestly say, ‘Yes! I helped make this happen! I have given my attention, my precious Life energy, to no negative appearance or possibility! I have thought, spoken and dreamed of nothing else!”


Faced with the ‘realities’ we seem to be facing currently, can we honestly say that we had no part in their creation because we have given those things not one iota of our precious creative energy and love in the form of our thoughts, feelings and attention ~ or simply rendered our positive ‘input’ insignificant because our attention was too scattered, fractured, or contradictory?

I want to be able to know without any doubt that I am part of the solution and not the problem. It is not personal and it is not about judgment. IMO it is just the nature of this reality and ourselves as superpowers within it, incredibly potent and unlimited creative beings whose power has been usurped through the fragmentation of our attention and being lulled into forgetting our true power, what it is and how we use it, so that it remains mostly as an unrealized potential, or something unwittingly harnessed and harvested by some outside force that has always known (and has never forgotten) all about our power ~ and has been bent on one thing only, our destruction and destruction of this planet and much more, and whose agenda has never changed and whose FOCUS has never wavered ~ keep us slaves by fragmenting our attention, keeping us competing and fighting with each other over God and Money, screwing with our DNA, and condemning us to an endless loop of artificial Time ~ and all without the vast majority even suspecting a thing!!

Even while I am forced to admire the brilliance and effectiveness of the strategy that has been used against us, I still recognise and accept my own ultimate responsibility in this. It’s never too late to say, “No.” Once you see the cage you can get out of it. No one can take my power without my consent (on some level) and I take mine back!! I don’t accept the programming any more!! I don’t buy it! And mostly I will not hate. I hate nothing and focus only on what I LOVE.

Love really is the answer, and this is how it’s the answer. Here’s to giving EVERY waking thought, feeling, and ALL of our attention to our vision of UTOPIA, because we want to be able to say, when the magic happens, “I co-created this!”

Here’s to the Power of Love & Magic, Kin!
Melovia Red Crystal Moon